We noticed that most of residential house plans do not include a wiring plan that is drafted according to The Wiring Code SANS 10142. While you are on the process of building your dream home, Lemael will assist in designing your home wiring plan which complies with electrical regulations. 


During the designing phase, your power needs are taken into consideration. You become part of the designing phase and we make sure that it complies with The Wiring Code and Occupational Health and safety Acts.





Second phase of your electrical installation. This is where we embed conduit pipes, wall mount boxes, wiring and installation of surface mount equipments. Construction of your electrical installation is done according to your approved electrical plan and the requirements of The Wiring Code SANS 10142.


Every part on this phase is inspected as a preparation to the final phase of your electrical project. We inspect as we go to minimise delays of completing your electrical project as a result of re-working non-compliance part.







As per Occupational Health and Safety Act, no part of the electrical installation shall be connected to power without it being inspected and tested and issued with a valid certificate of compliance. The size of the electrical installation does not matter, it must be certified before it is used.

This is the final phase of your electrical installation project. In completion of construction phase, we declare your electrical installation safe for use by strictly abiding to inspection and testing requirements as per The Wiring Code. We will not issue a certificate of compliance if the electrical installation does not meet requirements of SANS 10142.


HOME WIRING REPAIRS And maintenance.


In terms of South African legislation, the user or lessor is responsible for the safety of the electrical installation he/she uses. Lemael is out to safe lives and properties. We maintain and repair electrical installations to the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Act.


We urge you as a user of electrical installation to contact us immediately should you notice any unsafe wiring. Your life and property is our priority.